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Fix Burst Pipes& Leaks

Leaking fixtures, devices and burst pipes pose a real menace to both your mental and physical health.

When ignored for too long, pipes & leaks that have needed repairing for some time can come back with a vengeance and significantly inflate your water or gas bill and cause severe damage to property.

We specialise in repairing burst water and gas pipes, regardless of the location, so you can always rest easy, no matter whether you have a mild issue or a big emergency.

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We service, repair & install:

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Get Burst Pipes Fixed

Burst pipes almost always happen without warning, and there’s no way to predict how much damage they can cause to your home.

With potentially hundreds of litres of water flowing into your property, or a potential gas explosion acting swift is of the essence.

We thoroughly understand that rapid response is required for burst pipes, and have years of expertise in handling all kinds of burst pipe emergencies.

Our vehicles are always pre-equipped with all the tools required to fix your pipe bursts, or leaks so that repairs are undertaken as fast as possible to minimise the potential damage.

Our plumbers are very reliable and ready to hustle as soon as duty calls.

We replace and repair:
  • Poly pipes
  • Copper pipes
  • Galvanised pipes
  • PVC pipes
  • PEX pipes
Get Leaking Toilets Fixed

Did you know that a continuously leaking toilet can waste up to a shocking 760 litres of water a day? That’s a lot of precious money spent and water wasted.

If neglected for too long, a leaky toilet can potentially cause damage to your floors that you might not notice immediately. Or cause mould to grow on the bathroom walls that have a tendency to spread across rooms.

So it’s imperative that you get your toilet leaks fixed before it’s too late.

Whether your toilet is:
  • dripping constantly from the cistern to the bowl
  • leaking externally through external pipe connections. or
  • leaking externally from around the base,

We’ve got all your toilet fixing needs covered.

Our skilled plumbers will not only fix your leaks, but also assess and advise you on the best methods to prevent it from happening further.

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Get Leaking Taps Fixed

Even a slow-dripping tap can cause unnecessary wastage of water and waste upwards of 21 litres per day, that adds up to 7765 litres per year.

While you can certainly try fixing the tap leak yourself, for a permanent and long-lasting fix it is best advised to consult a professional. We provide expert services around the clock and can answer your call at any time of the day that is convenient for you.

When Our plumbers attend your property we’re always happy to have a quick check on whether all the other taps and plumbing is working efficiently.

As we always tell our customers, even a small leak or problem has the potential to become a full-blown emergency. Urgent situations don’t come on a schedule, after all.

We can repair, replace & install all plumbing fixtures:
  • Kitchen taps
  • Bath taps
  • Basin taps
  • Shower taps
  • Laundry taps
  • Mixer taps
  • Ceramic disc taps
  • Pillar taps
  • Leaking shower heads
  • Washing machine and laundry tap connections
  • Outdoor garden taps
  • Outdoor showers

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