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Sunshine Coast Bathroom Renovations – How Much Does It Cost?

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So you’ve decided to finally give your bathroom a makeover. Congratulations! While the decision is exciting, the planning and budgeting part of your bathroom renovations plans might prove to be not so pleasant.

But nothing to worry about. Whether you are looking for cost-effective ways for small bathroom renovations, browsing for creative bathroom renovation ideas, or searching for best methods to shape your dream bathroom on a budget, we have some insights for you that will surely make your experience smoother.

If your “how much to renovate a bathroom” search landed you here, you are at the perfect place! So without further ado, let’s dive in:-

How Much Does A Bathroom Remodel Cost?

The price depends strictly on your needs – Are you looking to spruce up your I-want-to-spend-my-whole-life-here home? Are you looking to increase your rental return on a property you’ve invested in? Are you looking to hike up your property value because you plan to sell it in the future? Or are you just looking for minor fix-ups that will prep up your house aura without leaving a gaping hole in your pockets?

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) report 2018 states that the average bathroom renovation cost is about $17,522, which is just about what you can be paying for a brand new bathroom installation. But these numbers you might come across for either a small kitchen renovation cost or a complete bathroom renovation can be very deceiving.

Because at the end of the day, how much does a bathroom renovation cost comes down to several factors and variables. Depending on your style, needs and circumstances, your bathroom reno cost can be as low as $5000 to as high as upwards of $25000.

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations – What Factors To Consider

Whether you are just exploring bathroom remodel ideas, or looking for bathroom renovations on a budget, here are the factors that will help you narrow down how much what you’re looking for might cost you:-

1. Structural Work – Do you need deep structural work to be taken care of or only want to get new appliances or fixtures installed/replaced?

2. Floor Tiles, Wall Tiles, Fittings – These are going to constitute a major amount of your spending. Are you looking for budget bathroom supplies, Sunshine Coast or elsewhere, or going a no expenses spared route? 

3. Aesthetic Additions – Are you considering adding a different dimension to your plumbing and bathroom renovations by installing designer windows and skylights?

4. Size – Is your bathroom super portable sized which allows even a diy bathroom renovation, or a large family ensuite size?

5. Plumbing & Fixtures – Are you moving or replacing kitchen or bathroom plumbing & fixtures?

6. Starting From Scratch – Whether you aim to get a small bathroom reno, or a big one, what is the level of worksmanship or equipment required? Are you starting from the absolute beginning?

7. Electrical Work – Have you dismissed cheap bathroom renovations as uninsipiring and want to revamp your bathroom lighting and install luxury items like underfloor heating?

Whether you were looking for best ways how to renovate a bathroom or just casually browsing small bathroom renovation ideas, we hope that we’ve helped in your journey to find the perfect solution for you.

Wishing you happy home remodelling and a happy life!


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